How much does your heating bill go up during the winter? For most homeowners here in Boston, the answer is, “a lot.”

Winterization services can slash those costs by a significant margin. Windows that aren’t properly sealed against the winter weather can sneak a whole lot of cold air into your home, forcing your HVAC system to work that much harder. It only takes a few gaps, which means you could be letting in the cold air even if your window trim is in otherwise good repair.

The solution? Weatherstripping and lots of it. You can take advantage of a couple of different options, including long-lasting tubular gaskets.

Weatherstripping isn’t the only solution. You can also replace your windows with interior storm windows. These offer an additional layer of insulation that’s custom-made to fit your specific window. They’re also a lot more cost-effective than exterior storm windows.

Storm window insulation serves the same purpose as the insulation that’s inside of your walls: it keeps the heat inside your home, where it belongs. They consist of a single pane of glass or acrylic that’s placed inside the interior window frame, usually with a compression seal. They do not require you to replace the window sash, and are an extremely cost-effective option.

While we’re at your house we can perform many of the other services which might be on your winter checklist as well, such as sealing your doors. Just ask!

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