Stairs and Balusters

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If your staircase handrail is broken then it’s posing a hazard to your family. Quick fixes may not be enough to guarantee your safety.

The balusters act as the support system to the handrail. They’re also called spindles: the short posts that run from the handrail to the stair. Any problem with the balusters threatens the structural integrity of the handrail (the balustrade) as a whole.

Once the handrail gets rickety it only takes one instance of someone putting just a little too much weight on it for the system to collapse, causing a nasty fall.

We also handle the stairs themselves.

Treat the following problems like emergencies:

  • Snapped spindles.
  • Wobbly or loose balusters.
  • Loose or rickety banisters.
  • Creaking stairs.
  • Signs of rot on the steps.
  • Detached handrails.
  • Cracks or splinters on the stairs.

You can’t just reach for the glue or a screwdriver when you see these problems. In many cases, the only way to do the repair correctly will be to dismantle the entire handrail system. The new balusters may then be safely replaced. All the balusters may need to be replaced if we can’t make or find a match for your existing ones.

If you have a decorative or historic balustrade it will need even more care and craftsmanship than a standard handrail system. The team at Best Handyman Boston specializes in these kinds of restorations, ensuring your balustrade looks as good as new by the time we’ve completed the work.

Need a new staircase or want to add a handrail to an existing one that wasn’t originally built with this safety feature? No problem! We’ve constructed plenty of staircases for homes and businesses across the Boston metro area.

Don’t risk a tumble.

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