Siding Installation

Siding has two functions. First, it protects the frame of your home from water damage. Second, it offers people their first impression of your home. It’s a vital part of your curb appeal.

Best Handyman Boston will help you repair or replace your siding to create a beautiful, water-tight home. We work both with wood siding and with vinyl siding.

Wood Siding

If you have a historic home chances are you have wood siding. You’ll need a historic home expert to keep it maintained and beautiful, or to reinstall it when the old siding rots away.

Few people choose wood for newer homes as it needs to be cleaned, scraped, and either stained or painted every few years. Some put up with the maintenance for two reasons: they love the classic look and they know they can call Best Handyman Boston to take care of their siding for them!

Vinyl Siding

Siding is as maintenance-free as it gets. It’s resistant to water damage and insects. It doesn’t expand and contract in heat. It won’t mold or rot.

At worst, a panel or two may need to be replaced if they get pulled off by storms or take damage for some other reason.

That’s why many Boston homeowners opt to replace their old wooden siding with fresh new vinyl siding. You can choose from a variety of colors and rest easy in knowing you may have just knocked a task off your “honey-do” list for the next century.

Vinyl siding can even help you make your home more energy-efficient, as the foam boards that go beneath the panels provide an additional layer of insulation.

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Our team has had two decades of experience (and counting) installing and restoring siding for homeowners across the Boston metro area. Our long track record of craftsmanship, professionalism, and courtesy will make hiring us a different experience.

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