Office Furniture Assembly

Setting up a new home office?

Purchasing desks, chairs, and other office furniture items that require assembly is a great way to save money…if these items are put together correctly. If they aren’t, your expensive computer could take a fall as the desk suddenly collapses beneath you, or you could take an injury when your chair falls apart.

We’re here to help.

Office furniture can come with major problems. We can help.

Have you ever brought home a piece of office furniture only to find the instructions make no sense? Have you gotten halfway through the task only to find that you’ve stripped a low-quality screw or have found a hole that wasn’t drilled deeply enough?

The team at Best Handyman Boston knows all the tricks of the trade. We’ve worked with every brand of furniture you can imagine and understand how to put all of these items together effectively.

We bring our own hardware, so if we need to replace a screw or drill a hole a little deeper we can do so. We know how to do it without damaging the furniture, even if you’re working with pressed wood furniture, which is prone to breaking.

Reap the benefits of professional office furniture assembly.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your office furniture assembly to us.

  • Increased safety for you and your equipment.
  • Reduced frustration.
  • Reduced chances of injury during the assembly process.
  • You get more time to do other things you might enjoy.
  • You save money because the furniture doesn’t fall apart later, forcing you to replace it.
  • You reduce your chances of breaking the furniture during the assembly process.
  • You work with pros who can adjust to problems with the item as packaged.
  • You can purchase flat pack items that require more skill to assembly, such as upholstered pieces, or pieces with hundreds of components.
  • You can have the piece installed directly in the location where you’ll be using it.

If putting desks, shelves, and rolling chairs isn’t your idea of a good time, call us. We’re happy to take care of it for you.

Best Handyman Boston offers the safest, most effective, most cost-effective way to set up your home office.

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