Historical Restorations

Older homes need a lot of TLC sometimes, but there’s nothing quite like owning one. Yet if you hire the wrong contractors you can destroy the historic character of the home. You can also end up owing massive fines to the Boston Landmark Commission.

So when your historic home has problems you need experts who will respect the quality and character of the home, people who know how to preserve its unique qualities.

The professionals at Best Handyman Boston are your historic home problem-solvers. We have over twenty years of experience handling both internal and external remodeling projects on homes that are over 200 years old. You can trust us to approach your project with respect and care. We handle both full home restorations and smaller, one-off projects.

Historic homes come with unique challenges like:

  • Reconstructing plasterwork instead of ripping it out to replace it with modern drywall.
  • Matching up new crown molding with old crown molding to preserve the character of the whole.
  • Doing intensive masonry work.
  • Working with multiple paint colors to restore artistic exteriors.
  • Choosing historically-accurate building materials.
  • Addressing and repairing structural failures.

Many contractors and handyman companies won’t even come out to give homes like yours an estimate because there are so many laws governing the work that can be done on them. Others will give you an estimate, but will charge you an arm and a leg.

By contrast, you’ll get a prompt, reliable estimate from us with fair pricing. You’ll get craftsmen who care about the work and who want to see it done right.

You’ll also be working with pros who have plenty of experience working with the Boston Landmark Commission and who know how to get approval for our projects. This prevents you from having to pay the fees and fines associated with destroying these local treasures.

Get the expertise you can trust.

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