Grab Bars & Accessories

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Grab bars and similar home accessories make your bathroom safer, but only if they’re installed correctly.

While installing a bathroom grab bar may look like a simple task, the truth is it’s a lot harder than you think. Proper installation goes all the way through your tile and into the stud of your home.

Many people miss the stud or create a mount that’s too shallow. The result is an unstable bar that will eventually send a loved one tumbling to the floor. That’s the exact opposite of the effect you were trying to achieve!

Advantages of Professional Grab Bar Installation

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of having a professional handle this installation for you.

  • You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job’s been done correctly.
  • Your grab bars will last for their full lifespan.
  • Your grab bars will be installed in the most useful, helpful location.

There are multiple locations where a grab bar might be installed in your bathroom. For example, everyone thinks about the shower or bathtub. Fewer people think about getting one installed near the toilet.

We can walk through your bathroom and show you all the places where grab bars might be useful. We can also help you ensure your new grab bars work well with your chosen bathroom decor.

Grab Bars for Businesses

Massachusetts law requires business owners to add two 46″ grab bars in each stall: one on the back wall and one on the side. The alternate accessible toilet stall must have two parallel grab bars on the sidewall.

Don’t open yourself up to liability by failing to install grab bars, and make sure your customers are safe by making sure they’re installed correctly.

Grab bars: not just for the elderly.

People of all ages slip and fall in the bathroom every day. These injuries can cause severe fractures and even dangerous head and spinal injuries. Even children go to the emergency room for bathroom injuries.

Having a solid, sturdy bar to hold onto in a slippery environment is helpful for everyone. As a result, more families are starting to see grab bars as necessities, and are associating them with functional, stylish bathrooms.

There are even decorative grab bars available, like wave-style bars, or bars which have been combined with towel racks, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders for a more modern, functional, and streamlined look. Ask us to show you the possibilities!

Create a safer shower.

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