Desk Assembly

Purchasing furniture online or through a retailer like Ikea is a great way to get beautiful furniture for a low price. Yet there are plenty of people who never realize these savings.

Why? Because they are unable to put the furniture together correctly.

You’ve probably encountered this scenario before. You order your brand new desk and can’t wait to receive it. When it arrives, it seems like pieces are missing. Some of the drill holes are mis-aligned or are too shallow to do what they need to do.

Perhaps you even break parts of the furniture while trying to put them together.

Why is desk assembly such a pain?

Common issues include:

  • Insufficient tools.
  • Confusing instructions.
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Manufacturing issues.

Our experience and tools help us navigate around all these issues.

Why use our desk assembly service?

You might also have bought a desk, put it together yourself, only to watch it collapse beneath you. If you’re unlucky, that means a broken computer, injuries, and papers everywhere. Who needs that?

With Best Handyman Boston you can skip this frustrating experience. You can hand us the indecipherable directions. You can take advantage of our tools, which can help us get around manufacturing problems. You can sit at your new desk knowing it’s stable, sturdy, and ready to serve you for years to come.

Our service is less expensive than the “assembly” service offered by many online retailers. This is because we don’t have an eCommerce site taking a cut of our pay. We come direct to you with cost-effective, reliable, and straightforward rates, and then we get the job done right. You get to check our reputation, rather than dealing with whomever the site sends.

We can even help with your move by offering professional assembly and disassembly services for your desk and other furniture pieces.

Save money by turning to the pros.

When you try to DIY your desk assembly you could end up spending a lot more money. That’s because you might have to replace your desk when it ultimately falls apart.

We also save you from all the headaches!

If assembling furniture makes you cranky then prepare to have a better day.

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