Cleaning & Restoration

We do a lot of historic building restoration projects here in Boston. Masonry cleaning and restoration is a vital part of those efforts. This has helped us become experts in the masonry restoration process.

Of course, you don’t have to have a 200 year-old home to benefit from the service. Time can do a number on any brick home. We can help you make the aesthetic and structural improvements that will help your home stay strong for years to come.

We fix dingy, dirty, and graffiti-stained brickwork.

Our cleaning and restoration services can be especially helpful to homeowners who want to sell. Masonry cleaning can improve the curb appeal of your home by leaps and bounds, which means it will spend less time on the market.

After the project is done we add sealing products to your brickwork to help it stay clean and beautiful.

Restoration keeps the water out.

When brickwork or stonemasonry goes bad it can start creating leaks, rotting the structure beneath the bricks. This is a dangerous situation that needs expert help. Our services help you address:

  • Cracked & crumbling mortar.
  • Cracking bricks.
  • Brick leaks.
  • Joint failure.

We use tuck pointing and other high-level techniques to make your brick house, chimney, or other structures sturdy and stable once again.

When the brickwork is complete we can add waterproofing and sealing products to help your bricks last longer. With our help, you might not have to think about your stone or brickwork again for the rest of your time in your home.

Take care of your beautiful brickwork!

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