Bed Assembly

Beds aren’t cheap. Purchasing a flat pack bed is an excellent way to get a bed at an affordable price—but only if the bed gets assembled correctly in the first place.

If it doesn’t, you know what happens: your bed collapses under you in the bed of night. At best, you have to spend even more money replacing your bed. At worst, you sustain an injury, too.

Who needs all that stress and hassle?

Enjoy the benefits of a professional bed assembly service.

Outsourcing your bed assembly needs to a qualified handyman brings all sorts of benefits:

  • Avoid expensive replacement costs.
  • Enjoy sleeping in your safe, sturdy bed.
  • Avoid the stress and headaches of assembly.
  • Prevent assembly injuries.
  • Save time and do something more fun or more productive with your afternoon.

Our reliable, trustworthy, and affordable handymen are here to help. We bring our own hardware, tools, and solutions for common bed assembly problems, the same problems that turn DIY assembly into such a headache.

This means we have our own screws on hand when we find a stripped screw, and our own drills to correct shallow drill holes.

We can do it all without damaging the furniture. We also do all the heavy lifting for you. Sometimes we can even step in and replace a missing part.

Professional, Friendly, Experienced

Sure, that online service offers their own “in-home assembly option.” Just who are those guys though?

They’re working off an app, so you don’t get a chance to check their reputations. You have no idea who you’re inviting into your home.

Worse, these guys often charge more than our professional handymen, because the eCommerce site is taking a huge cut of their pay.

Our handymen have left happy customers all over Boston. You can check our reviews. We keep our rates low and reasonable, and we even guarantee our workmanship for one full year.

Get a great night’s sleep tonight.

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