Screens and Glass

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Torn window screens and cracked glass make your home look unattractive, even as they make it less functional. They can even pose a security risk to your home.

That’s why Best Handyman Boston provides window glass and screen repair and replacement services. We repair screen doors too, and for all the same reasons.

How complicated is a screen repair?

More complicated than most people think. Sometimes the problem is the frame, for example, which means the whole frame will need to be replaced, not just the screen.

Half the challenge is ensuring the screen fits correctly. You need to get a good seal going, and it can be a frustrating task. Calling us means getting to drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea instead.

Do I need to replace an entire window if it’s cracked?

You’ll need to replace the pane, at least. Sometimes this will mean removing the broken pieces from the frame and inserting a new windowpane. At others, this could mean removing your entire window so we can take out all the old broken shards. Usually, this will happen with a larger window.

There’s no compound you can brush across a broken glass window to fix it, no trick you can employ. Minor cracks may seem like little more than a nuisance, but they’re letting some of that cold air from outside into your home, increasing your energy costs. They also allow moisture into your home that you’d otherwise be keeping out. This can lead to mold and mildew in the future.

Finally, a cracked window just isn’t safe: you can still cut yourself on them if you’re not careful, and the weakened structural integrity could mean it might shatter later, and probably at the worst possible time.

Other Window Problems

Foggy, leaky, cold windows aren’t something to ignore. All three symptoms are a sign that moisture is getting in somewhere, most likely around your window framing. We also see a lot of rotting and rusted drip caps (water damage, again).

You might also want to call us if your window is sticking, or if it’s got problems with the locks and hinges.

We’ll come quickly and promptly. When we leave, your window will be as good as new.

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