Cabinet Refinishing

Nothing gives your home a worn, dated look like old or outdated cabinets. Even if your cabinets don’t look old or worn, you may not be a fan of the color. Since they take up the bulk of the visual space in many kitchens, it’s difficult to enjoy being there if you don’t like the cabinet color.

Painting them is a long project, and one that’s easy to mess up. Replacing the hardware can help sometimes, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Replacing the cabinets? Expensive.

That’s where our cabinet refinishing services come in.

Freshly refinished cabinets will give your home a new, fresh, updated look.

Here are some of the advantages of calling us to do your cabinet refinishing.

  • Choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes to create a look you love.
  • Save money and time.
  • Ensure the job looks professional when it’s complete.

We refinish the cabinets entirely; we don’t do refacing. To reface a cabinet is to place a thin layer of cheap veneer over the existing cabinets. We don’t even offer the service because the results don’t look professional.

Cabinet Craftsmanship

We follow a proven process:

  • We remove and sand the cabinets.
  • We clean them to make sure no grease or debris impacts the final outcome of the work.
  • We recoat the cabinets with the finish of your choice. All the materials we use are high-quality, and offer incredible results.

Once the cabinets are dry and back in place, we’re even happy to do some additional updating by installing new knobs and hinges.

Our refinishing services will leave you feeling like you’ve just remodeled your whole kitchen for a fraction of the price. And since we’ve done plenty of full-scale kitchen remodeling projects for homeowners throughout the Boston area, you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing.

Why trust us?

We take our time, have pride in our work, and have gathered many 5-star reviews from homeowners throughout the Boston metro area.

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