Showers and Tubs

Need tub or shower repairs? Want to replace your old, outdated tub or shower with something new or modern?

Best Handyman Boston is ready to help! With over 20 years of experience remodeling bathrooms, and with plumbing experts on staff, we’re ready to help you handle anything from routine tub and shower repairs to full installations.

Drainage Problems

Slow draining tubs and showers can be unpleasant. So can tubs whose stoppers won’t close all the way, causing the water to slowly flow out of your bath while you’re still in it.

We have the tools and expertise to fix either problem. Slow drains are usually just clogs, but they can be deep enough troublesome enough to defy plunging, boiling water, or other DIY remedies. Stopper problems can require replacements to your bathtub hardware.

While it’s good to use a hair trap, clogs aren’t always your fault. Boston’s hard water ensures that mineral deposits will foul up bathroom hardware from time to time. We have the tools and the skills to break up these deposits.

Retiling or Reglazing

Have an outdated bathroom you don’t really enjoy? Are your tiles stained or falling apart?

Retiling and reglazing can give your bathroom a fresh new look without forcing you to remodel the entire thing. Don’t be fooled by Internet videos which tell you it’s easy to do this job on your own. It’s easy to mess it up if you don’t have the expertise. If you’re reglazing, the chemicals are caustic and hazardous to work with.

Give us a few days and we’ll have your bathroom looking brand new again in no time.

New Hardware Installation

Updating your faucets is another fast, easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom—and may even be necessary if your faucets are past their normal lifespan.

You can even ask us about the styles and brands we have right on hand. If you have to replace these fixtures anyway you might as well get fashionable ones that you enjoy!

New Tub or Shower Installation

Standard baths or showers are functional. Those who want the “bathroom spa” experience will need to kick things up a notch.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Jacuzzi tubs, garden tubs, and clawfoot tubs remain popular choices. We can also create luxury walk-in showers for those who prefer showers to baths. We’re ready to leap on board the latest trends, too: steel-framed shower enclosures, rainwater shower heads, and wet rooms are all well within our abilities.

We do have plumbers on staff who can address the plumbing challenges inherent to changing up your bath or shower. We’ve done full bathroom remodels in the past and no job is too big. You bring your ideas and we’ll work hard to execute them.

Whether your tub and shower problems are minor or major, we can help.

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