Window Trim Replacement

Window trim rot is bad news for your home: it means higher energy bills, places where freezing cold drafts can ruin your cozy winter hideaway, and the possibility of inviting mold into your home. During the summer months, insects are likely to take advantage of the rot as well.

Leave it for too long and the moisture damage and rot can spread right into your home’s frame. When the rot spreads you’ll have a much bigger repair on your hands, so it’s important to catch the problem as quickly as possible.

Rotting window trim is an eyesore, too! It makes your beautiful home start to look a little shabby and ill-kept. If you’re selling your home, the state of the window trim can make a huge difference in the length of time the home sits on the market, as well as on the final selling price.

To do this job we will have to pull off your existing trim. We’ll then custom-cut your new trim to fit your windows, screw it down, flash it, caulk it, and repaint it. This is a good idea to update your style if you want, but the fresh trim will give your home a facelift even if you opt for a repeat of your existing trim.

Another option is to swap out your wood trim for vinyl or aluminum trim, if doing so fits with the style of your home. This will mean a lot less maintenance in the future.

We handle both exterior and interior trim. If you have to replace your interior trim chances are your exterior trim has already gone bad. Your handyman will take a thorough look at your windows and will make recommendations.

Restore the beauty of your windows and your home.

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