Trim and Threshold Replacement

Often, the big problem with your doors won’t be the doors at all. The problems will lie with the threshold, which can start to fail after years of use and exposure to weather. The same is true of the trim.

Best Handyman Boston repairs both wood and aluminum thresholds. In three to four hours we can restore beauty to your door while ensuring wind, insects, and weather stay out of your home.

Trim Replacement

If you’re starting to see rot in your door frame the problem will not go away. The frame will continue to erode, looking unsightly and creating a breeding ground for pests, mold, and mildew.

The eroded trim will also create holes which will allow drafts to pass into your home, raising your energy bills. As the jamb rots, the threshold will begin to loosen as well.

Threshold Replacement

We’ll match the right threshold to your existing door, and we’ll match additional parts. For example, your threshold might require us to replace a rubber gasket, a part which currently sits under the threshold’s aluminum strip. We’ll also seal the threshold up tight, ensuring a perfect, good-as-new fit.

For some homeowners, replacing the entire door will be a good choice. Some replacements will require us to remove the entire door system anyway, which means the replacement will make the most sense. Our handymen will always be honest with you when this is the case.

You don’t have to put up with a door that lets the great outdoors into your great indoors.

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