Towel & Toilet Paper Dispensers

Setting up your bathrooms isn’t the most exciting part of opening your new business location. Nevertheless, it’s a vital part of doing so.

Best Handyman Boston has helped businesses all over the area with all the tasks associated with getting your public bathrooms ready for business. Our towel and toilet paper dispenser service ensures a solid, sturdy installation that keeps your customers, employees, vendors, and other guests comfortable.

We can handle all kinds of dispensers, including:

  • Motion-activated dispensers.
  • Auto-cut towel dispensers.
  • Push-lever dispensers.
  • Multi-fold dispensers.
  • Standard toilet tissue dispensers.
  • Jumbo tissue dispensers.
  • Toilet seat cover dispensers.

While a shoddy towel or toilet paper dispenser install is unlikely to cause a major disaster, it may make your business look less respectable and trustworthy. It’s the little things that matter, and nobody wants to tarnish a customer interaction with a bad bathroom experience.

That’s why we guarantee all of our work for one year, and send only the most talented craftsmen who take pride in their work.

Got towel and toilet dispensers that are already looking a little rickety? Don’t wait for something to happen. Call us for repairs or replacements.

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