Sump Pump Repair & Installation

Some Boston homes are prone to taking on standing water in the basement. We get 44 inches of rain and snow every year, which means our local climate is generating plenty of groundwater for your home to contend with.

If you’re seeing signs your sump pump isn’t getting the job done, or signs your home needs a sump pump but doesn’t have one, then call us right away. Left to its own devices, standing water can lead to mold, a weakened foundation, and serious electrical hazards.

How to Tell if You Need a Sump Pump

If you see any standing water in your basement then you either need to install a sump pump or replace one. You should also be alert for mold or mildew smells in your basement, which could indicate a problem you can’t see.

If you’ve never seen standing water but live in a low-lying part of the city and have a finished basement you might want to install one even if you haven’t seen standing water yet. This is to protect your carpet, furniture, electronics, and other items you might wish to keep down there.

Signs of a Bad Sump Pump

  • Your pump is making strange noises.
  • Your pump vibrates excessively.
  • Your pump seems to be running constantly.
  • Your pump cycles on and off frequently.
  • Your pump looks corroded. 
  • Your pump is more than ten years old.

Don’t wait for your pump to give up the ghost. Protect your home and your belongings by calling Best Handyman Boston to repair the problem.

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