Staining and Polyurethaning

Wooden wall panels are coming back into vogue with people who want to achieve a rustic or “coffee shop” style look in their homes. Of course, there are people with older homes who have had them all along.

Staining your wooden wall panels gives you a cost-effective way to make a change if you don’t like the way your current wall panels look. You can choose an attractive new color and give your wall panels an attractive sheen.

You can even expand your color horizons. Wood stain comes in many different brown shades. You can also get grey, blue, red, and white stains. This gives you almost as many color options as traditional wall paint does.

Polyurethaning then creates a beautiful finish.

This service is part of the routine care that all wooden wall panels should receive every few years to help them look their best. You should also arrange to have this treatment done on wooden floorboards, wooden fireplace trim, and wooden crown molding. It’s also a vital step in revitalizing old hardwood floors.

Have faux wood instead of real wood? We can still stain and polyurethane it to restore it back to life. We’d just use a different type of stain to create the same effects.

Don’t let the wood in your home become dull, dingy, or lifeless.

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