Rubber Roofs

Asphalt shingles have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t make them the best way to protect your home. Many homes in the Boston area have low-pitch roofs that would be better served with another building material.

Asphalt roofing leaks a lot faster when it is unaided by a sharp pitch. Pitch helps your roof shed water. Your shingles were designed to aid in that process, not to hold standing water until it evaporates.

Most businesses use rubber roofing too, and we do commercial installations as well.

Rubber roofs are a great choice. It’s durable, completely waterproof, and less prone to taking damage. They can last up to fifty years. They can also be cost-effective, as we can install them on top of existing shingles instead of removing the previous roof. Since “tear-down” forms a major part of the expense of a traditional roofing project, this is a major advantage.

We can repair rubber roof leaks with ease. Repairs are also cheaper and faster than those you’d get with a traditional asphalt roof. They also offer some nice protection against the leaks caused by ice dams, and this roofing material does a good job of standing up to our harsh Boston winters. This roofing material is also fire-resistant. In short, rubber roofing shrugs off temperature extremes.

Finally, if you’re looking for energy efficiency rubber roofing is hard to beat. Using a light-colored rubber roof (also known as a “cool roof”) can lower your energy costs by a significant margin. The roof itself offers a layer of insulation while reflecting the sun’s heat.

Our team has the experience and skill to install rubber roofing. Just take a look at our many reviews! Working with us is an easy, headache-free experience that offers outstanding results.

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