Regrouting Floors & Walls

Grout starting to look dull, dingy, or cracked? Regrouting keeps the damage from continuing to get worse while giving your tile floors or walls a bright, fresh new look.

Often, grout problems are the result of improper installations. When you call us you don’t just get a repair to the old, shoddy work. You get an expert installation which gives you a grout job capable of lasting for years. It’s a matter of knowing which grout to use, knowing how to mix it properly, and knowing how to apply it for best results.

Replacing Old, Broken Grout

Let us do the work of clearing away old grout and replacing it with new, watertight grout. You’d be surprised at the dramatic difference this simple repair can make.

If you don’t address broken grout then eventually your tiles will begin to fall off the wall. Before that happens, you’ll have already done a great deal of damage to the wall surface beneath the tile.

Don’t worry. Our services are the cost-effective way to address this problem.

Changing Out Grout Color for a Fresh New Look

Some homeowners use our services to take advantage of the fresh new colors that are available on the market. Switching out your grout color allows you to create dramatic changes in the look and feel of your home but doesn’t require you to completely replace your floors or walls.

For many homeowners, this is the most cost-effective way to update a home’s look.

Since we have to remove all the old grout for a repair you can kill two birds with one stone by switching out the colors during your repair.

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