Pipes and Valves

Leaks can run up your water bill and do serious damage to your home if left to their own devices. Pipes can also develop a variety of other problems that interrupt your ability to use your in-home plumbing.

You need someone who can fix all these problems fast.

Best Handyman Boston has a team of fully licensed and insured plumbers on-staff. You can count on us to take care of your pipe and valve problems. We stand by our work, providing a one year guarantee.

Pipe Repair

There are a variety of reasons why you might have pipe problems, including:

  1. Pipes that broke, exploded or collapsed during the winter.
  2. Clogged or blocked pipes.
  3. Corroded pipes.
  4. Joint leaks.

We can diagnose your pipe problem and fix it fast.

Valve Repair

You’ll find shut-off valves near your toilets and faucets.

Over time, these valves can start corroding. This compromises the integrity of the valve, which leads to leaks.

Get Expert Help

Valve and pipe repair isn’t a job for a DIYer. Even small errors can become big emergencies: massive leaks that do even more damage to your home.

We offer free estimates and prompt service so you can go back to enjoying a worry-free home and a working plumbing system in no time at all.

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