Outlets & GFCIs

We all rely on getting access to power. Just think about what it feels like to lose power to your phone!

So homes whose outlets aren’t getting the job done present huge problems for most of us. Outlet problems range from the inconvenient to the dangerous, but we handle them all.

Repair Loose or Damaged Outlets

Loose outlets make it almost impossible to plug in your electronic devices. The plug pops right out, and you can’t maintain a solid connection.

In addition to being annoying, this problem is dangerous, as it can generate sparks that can start a fire.

Even worse? Outlets that don’t work at all.

Sometimes outlet problems are more subtle. For example, a loose connection behind the outlet could result in a hot outlet cover. You won’t necessarily touch the outlet cover on a regular basis, which means you could miss the problem for awhile. It might have been progressing for some time before you noticed.

Regardless of the source or nature of your outlet problem, our licensed, insured electricians can help.

Update Old Outlets

Boston is full of lovely historic homes. Some of them still feature the old two-pronged outlet system.

Using an adapter to get around this problem is dangerous as this method does not properly ground your electronics. You’ll need to upgrade the outlets and rewire the home for safety’s sake.

Install GFCI Switches

Some older homes aren’t up to electrical code because they do not include GFCI switches in the bathrooms and kitchens. GFCI outlets are important safety features which should not be ignored.

Both areas are subject to a lot of moisture exposure, which increases the chance of electric shock. GFCI outlets detect when a shock is likely and cut power before they can happen. If you don’t have them you should make plans to get them.

We can also update or repair any problems you may be having with your current GFCI outlets.

Contemplating the cost of electrical updates like these can be intimidating, but we’re here to make the process as painless and as cost-effective as possible.

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