Light Switches and Dimmers

Want to update, modernize, or repair your light switches? Our team of expert electricians is ready to help you make the most of your in-home lighting systems.

Light Switches

There are many reasons why you might want to install new light switches.

There are mechanical problems like broken switch mechanisms or even loose connections which make your lights flicker. Some problems are even dangerous, as they could lead to a house fire. Look for hot switch plates or strange sounds coming from your light switch.

If you spot them, call us right away so we can help you get this fire hazard under control.

Other reasons to update your switches are more aesthetic. There are now a wide variety of light switches available on the market today. Updating to a push-button or proximity sensor can give your home a more modern feel.

Finally, there are practical reasons, such as installing smart switches so you can control your home’s lighting from your mobile phone or PC.

Whatever your reason, we can help you get the switches you want. We can also troubleshoot them and repair them when they take on problems. Once installed, most switches will last for 30 years, which means once you get your switches installed you shouldn’t have to do it again.


Dimmers offer a lot of benefits. You save energy, get to control the mood of the room, and get a switch that lasts a lot longer. The right switch can even help you dim the harsh glare of fluorescent lights.

Your dimmer installation can be a cost-effective, stress-free process with our help. In a few short hours we’ll give you complete control of your lighting and help you enjoy your home more.

Think installing light switches and dimmers is expensive?

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