Decks and Railing

Enjoying your deck should be a stress-free experience, but it won’t be if someone gets hurt.

Keep your deck safe by keeping it in good working repair, and keep your guests safe by making sure you give the deck rails the same level of attention. We correct all deck and railing defects.

Railings are often the first part of a deck to go bad. This is because people lean on them. Sometimes they even sit on them! They’re also a huge hazard when they do start to fail. It just takes one person leaning a bit too hard to send both the railing and that person straight to the ground.

Prevent injuries by calling us to correct your wobbly or leaning deck railings.

We can also tell you if your deck is on its last legs. Sometimes a replacement is the smarter move, but we are happy to offer repairs first whenever it is safe and feasible to do so.

Signs your deck needs attention:

  • Shaky stairs.
  • Rotting wood.
  • Cracked or splintered deck planks.
  • Loose deck boards.
  • Missing hardware.
  • The deck feels unstable.
  • Unstable posts.
  • Gaps between the deck and the house.
  • Stains and discoloration.

We can usually get your deck repaired in one to two days. We can also help you protect your deck and railing against future damage, and can check to see whether your current deck is adhering to Boston building codes.

Make a call instead of taking a tumble. Call (857) 201-6083 today to get a free estimate on your deck or deck railing repair.

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