Chalk & Marker Board Installation

This service is now offered exclusively to our Best Handyman Plan clients

Homes, classrooms, restaurants, and conference rooms across Boston rely on whiteboards and chalkboards to teach, communicate, and stay organized. Make sure yours doesn’t fall right off the wall while you’re trying to write on it. Get a professional installation that keeps your board right where it belongs.

Professional installation saves you time and money. Falling boards get damaged, and often can’t be put back up again.

Hanging boards so they’re sturdy and straight is harder than most people think it is! It’s a huge headache. We can help you knock this item off your to-do list so you can get on with the other things you need to do to help your home, business, or classroom thrive.

Benefits of Hiring Best Handyman Boston for Chalk & Marker Board Installation

When you hire us you will:

  • Know your chalk or marker board will stay right where we install it.
  • Eliminate the frustrations of trying to get your chalk or marker board perfectly straight.
  • Reduce holes, dents, and dings in your drywall or paint job.
  • Avoid rips in your drywall from a falling chalkboard.
  • Avoid paying replacement costs.

We can also handle tougher installations, like wall-to-wall boards, or boards meant to hang from a significant height.

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