Caulking and Insulating

This service is now offered exclusively to our Best Handyman Plan clients

Insulation helps both in the summer and in the winter. It keeps the type of air you want in the house while blocking the outdoor air from spoiling your HVAC system’s hard work.

Improving your caulking and the insulation in your walls makes your home more energy-efficient.

Doing so has three major benefits:

  1. You pay less on your power bill.
  2. You can reduce or eliminate the possibility of developing ice dams during our harsh Boston winters.
  3. Your home becomes far more comfortable and cozy.

While your home certainly came with some insulation, it is typically insufficient for true energy efficiency. The Massachusets building code requires builders to put R-38 insulation into homes. Meanwhile, true energy efficiency requires an R-value of 60 or more.

Massachusetts building codes also ignore all the smaller spaces where hot air can flow into your walls and out of the house. The spaces around your outlets and wall switches create bypasses where air can escape. So it’s not enough to seal up all the gaps in your wall with really thick insulation: you’ve got to get those bypasses caulked if you want the best results.

Once we’re done with the insulation work we will replace the drywall and repaint it. We’ll then move on to the caulking phase of the project.

Combine this project with our weatherstripping and sealing services for your doors and windows to put all of that lost energy money back into your pocket.

We also take care of new builds, which is extremely advantageous for homeowners who want to enjoy the right level of insulation in their homes from day one.

Smart people all over Boston have already taken advantage of this service and have saved money doing it.

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