Carpet Installation

Carpet makes your home look warm and welcoming. Sinking your bare feet into lush, luxurious carpet can be a lovely pleasure on cold day. The right carpet is gorgeous, inviting, and is customized to your preferences.

Nevertheless, a lot can go wrong in the installation phase. A bad installation can make your carpet look cheap and warped. Bad installs can also create trip hazards, even as they reduce the life of your carpet.

Carpet Installation

You can count on us to take pride in our work and get the job done right.

We use a power-stretcher. That means your carpet doesn’t have any wrinkles or ripples by the time we’re done with it.

We also know how to properly account for complications like seams and sub-floor conditions. We also choose the right carpet cushion, the hidden part of your carpeting that’s just as important to your home experience as the carpet itself.

We’re even happy to remove doors and baseboards if we need to, which means you don’t have to.

We work with top brands, including luxury carpet manufacturers. We have handled plenty of high-end jobs throughout the Boston metro area.

Carpet Repair

Families are hard on carpets. Kids and pets can result in frays, warps, ripples, and stain. Good news: you might not have to replace the entire carpet.

Instead, take advantage of our carpet repair services. In many cases we can patch or repair your carpet so it looks just as good as new. In fact, if you call us for a replacement and we think we can just repair it we’ll be happy to tell you so. That ensures you make the decision that’s best for your budget.

Hundreds of happy homeowners have turned to Best Handyman Boston for all of their carpeting needs. Why not call us to see exactly what we did to make them all so happy?

Why live with carpets you hate?

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