Bath Partitions

Did you know there are dozens of laws and regulations governing the layout of public bathrooms?

For example, if you provide toilet stalls at all, at least one of them has to be accessible. And, of course, there’s an expectation that all of your stalls will be well-installed, reasonably private, and safe for your customers and guests.

We’re well acquainted with all the laws and code requirements so you don’t have to be. We have years of experience with commercial bathroom installation projects just like yours.

Make sure you’ve got stalls you can trust. Reach out to Best Handyman Boston for a beautiful, professional, headache-free installation at a great price.

We handle all aspects of the job, including:

  • Permitting.
  • Sourcing materials.
  • Field measures.
  • Site readiness.
  • Installation.

No business is too big and no business is too small. We follow all of OSHA’s safety requirements and we are properly licensed and insured. We use only the most durable materials and take pride in every job we do.

We’ll handle other aspects of your bathroom set-up too, including grab bars and diaper changing stations. If you have existing bath partitions that are in desperate need of repair, give us a call. We’re happy to fix existing bathrooms too!

Want to find out how easy it is to work with us? Just check out some of our reviews, or ask us about other local businesses we’ve served. We’re happy to provide you with references so you can feel confident about hiring us!

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