Boston Handyman Services

Repair Services

Our highly skilled handyman team specializes in repairs ranging anywhere from (1) hour to (5) days. This working range allows our team to focus and plan for each project properly, making sure each client's request are always met with satisfaction. And, don’t forget all of the work is guaranteed for (1) year from date of service. That means if there are any issues our team will come out right away to fix it for free!

Maintenance Services

Owning a home or condo requires a lot more responsibility than renting one. If something breaks down, there's no landlord to come and fix the problem; it's always in the owner's hands. That means the responsibility of keeping a home properly maintained is up to the homeowners. And, although it sounds like some of those tasks would be fun, but, over time it gets old and sometimes unsafe at that.

Our team has a PLAN to take those tasks and worries away by coming in on a monthly & seasonal basis to tackle an entire checklist our team has formulated by listening to our client's needs when we first started our business.

Don't risk further damaging your home by letting monthly & seasonal maintenance fall by the wayside. Schedule an Onsite Consultation with our team today!

Repairs & Installations We Perform