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Onsite Assessment

We can help you with any repair no matter how big or small.

Have you found yourself recently thinking about these issues around your home:

  • I have a leak and I need help fixing it.
  • I need help or suggestions about a project or repair around my home.
  • I have a project and have no idea what I am getting into.

Then you might be a good candidate for an onsite assessment.


Here's how it works

We require all of our clients to provide us with as much information about each repair or request they have. That includes measurements, photos, links, sketches and the best descriptions as possible.

We do this in order to gain as much info about your project as possible, providing you with an accurate estimate and allowing our team to be fully prepared on the day of your project.

We have found this system to be the most time effective to help expedite estimates and get those repairs and projects completed as soon as possible.

We also realize that clients would like to meet with us prior to us sending any estimates or completing any projects. That’s why we have set up this quick and convenient onsite assessment.

Here's what you get

Onsite assessment includes:

  • (30) Minute visit and evaluation
  • Accurate photos and measurements
  • Detailed estimate with best options for repair

Here's what it costs

$175.00 (This Fee can be applied to the project fee if you decide to move forward with our services.)

Get Your Estimate In 24-48 Hours


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