Locks and Knobs

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Your locks play a vital role in keeping your house secure. You’ve got to have good, solid locks that function well. If you’re looking to update your security, you might also consider adding extra deadbolts or chain locks.

If your ex moves out or your roommate moves on, changing the locks is a matter of simple security.

Changing Your Locks

Today’s homeowners have so many more options than before, too. Why carry around keys when you can use a smart lock or a keypad entry lock?

Locks do eventually malfunction, like any other piece of equipment. For example, we often receive calls about locks that have frozen up, or which take a long time to open. Worse, there are those times when your key just breaks off in the lock. Not fun, especially if it happens during one of our Boston winters!

While you’re changing your locks, it’s a good time to address the rest of your door’s hardware. Updating your door knobs can give you a fresh, modern look without forcing you to replace the entire door (though we do that, too).

Repair or Replace Door Hardware

Aesthetics aren’t the only reason why you might need to address a door knob. We can help if your door knob has any of the following problems:

  • It’s too loose.
  • It won’t latch properly.
  • You struggle to open your door.
  • The door hardware has rusted.

Best Handyman Boston offers fast, affordable solutions for all of these problems. We can help you replace your door knobs quickly. It’s not as easy a task to DIY as it might seem, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could waste a lot of time trying. You could also create a situation where you can’t get the knob back into place, creating a door that won’t close (what a massive security risk)!

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