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Home Evaluation

Who’s taking care of your home every year?

Are you taking care of those repairs that can lead to bigger problems? When’s the last time you had a professional company evaluate your home or condo needs since your last home inspection?

We specialize in evaluating homes, condos and multi-unit properties. After working and repairing homes for over 20 years, you start to learn a few things about what goes wrong with them and how to prevent future problems or issues down the road.

Our team has taken the time to design our own (15) point checklist to assess and analyze specific areas of your home or condo we know can face the biggest problems. This will help save you time, money and a lot of aggravation down the road.


  • Can’t find that leak that’s been driving you crazy?
  • Been having plumbing issues for years now?
  • Has it been years since those gutters were cleaned or siding has been repaired?
  • What about those doors and windows that aren’t working so good anymore?
  • Do you have outlets, lights or switches that are not working properly?
  • Want those old walls patched or painted?
  • Are you getting too old to make those repairs or can’t find anyone you can trust to work on your home?

Evaluation & Report

Once the evaluation and checklist are complete, we will then generate a report based on our team’s findings. This will help to identify any and all areas of your home that need immediate attention and also give you a good plan to take care of your home going forward.

15 point Checklist

  1. Exterior Analysis
  2. Plumbing Analysis
  3. Window & Door Analysis (Interior/Exterior)
  4. Attic Space Analysis
  5. Basement Analysis
  6. Sump-Pump Assessment
  7. Test All Smokes & CO’s
  8. Stair Analysis (Interior/Exterior)
  9. Light Bulb Assessment
  10. Landscape Analysis
  11. Label All System Locations
  12. Dryer Vent Inspection
  13. Exhaust Fan Assessment
  14. Handrails & Balusters (Interior/Exterior)
  15. Electrical Analysis

Here's what you get

Onsite assessment includes:

  • 120 Minute (2hr) visit and evaluation
  • A detailed report of our teams' findings
  • Detailed estimate with best options for repair
  • Best options for your home moving forward

Here's what it costs

$749.00 (This is a one-time fee.)


Get Your Estimate In 24-48 Hours


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