Holiday Light Installation

Don’t risk your life on a ladder this holiday season. You can have a gorgeous holiday display without lifting a finger just by calling Best Handyman Boston.

We’re happy to design your lighting display to your specifications. Our services cover roofs, trees, light poles, and fences. We’re happy to safely install your lights anywhere you want to place them.

Wow the neighbors with a more professional design and display.

This year you can get more elaborate than ever before. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a few lines of lights hung along the line of your roof.

We can help you create displays that include any of the following elements:

  • Trees that drip with festive lights from branch to branch, until they seem to be covered in glittering, glowing leaves.
  • Bushes that transform into glowing balls of light.
  • Outdoor Christmas Tree decoration and design.
  • Entryway lighting.
  • Wall or roof-mounted flat lighting installation.
  • Festive hanging party light strings.
  • Lights configured into fun holiday shapes.
  • Shooting stars that appear to whoosh from tree to tree.
  • Festive fence lighting.
  • Moving light or holographic projection displays.
  • Versatile designs with rope or LED lights.

Our design services keep your displays coordinated and beautiful. You’ll never get a hodge-podge light display with us. Instead, you’ll get the kind of installation that is on par with some of the most incredible displays in the Boston metro area.

Enjoy all the advantages of professional holiday installation.

Choosing professional installation services offers a variety of benefits.

  1. You don’t have to get out there in the freezing cold to put up your displays on your only days off. You can also feel confident that your displays will stand up to Massachusetts winter weather.
  2. You don’t have to risk yourself handling electrical equipment in the snow.
  3. You don’t have to risk yourself on a roof or ladder.
  4. You can be confident that none of your permanent structures will retain damage after our team is done.
  5. You get the benefit of working with pros who have done hundreds of professional installations throughout the Boston area, which means you can create more elaborate, coordinated designs.
  6. When the season is done you can call us back out to take all your lights down for you, ensuring they come down in a timely fashion and taking yet another task off of your personal “to do” list.
  7. You reduce your holiday stress, and get help creating a gorgeous holiday experience for your family members or friends without overloading your schedule even more.

In short, we remove a major hassle from your holidays at a fair, reasonable price.

Our holiday schedule fills up fast, so don’t delay. Call (857) 201-6083 for a free estimate today.

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