Hinges, Closers, and Panic Hardware

Doors last a lot longer than hinges do. Where a door will last 30 years, a hinge will only last ten to fifteen, especially if it doesn’t receive much care in the meantime.

Closers fare even worse. These little pieces of hardware work hard all day long, allowing your door to close without slamming it. They only last a good seven years.

Replacing or repairing either of these pieces of hardware yourself is a headache and a half, but Best Handyman Boston can get the job done quickly and effectively.

How do I know if it’s time to replace hinges?

Some reasons are mechanical—the hinge just stops working. They stick and make it harder to open your doors, and after awhile no amount of WD-40 will make the problem go away.

There’s also the malfunction you get when you paint your doors (or when someone else has painted your doors). Hinges that are covered in dried paint can do their jobs, but eventually they’ll get fouled up with dried and chipping paint.

Other reasons are a bit more aesthetic: when you replace your door knobs and locks you might want hinges that are a better match for that hardware than the hinges you currently own. You’d be surprised how much swapping out all parts of a door’s hardware can refresh your home, too.

Finally, many of our customers have been forced to replace their hinges for security reasons. If you’ve been the victim of a break-in your hinges have probably been damaged. You may need to replace them (and/or the locks, and/or the whole door) as a result.

What is panic hardware?

Panic hardware is generally required for commercial buildings. It allows people to get out of buildings quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency.

We certainly do install this hardware into rental properties and small businesses across the Boston metro area.

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