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Flat Screen TV Installation Services in Boston MA

Indoor or Outdoor

The beauty of a flat-screen television is its elegance when mounted on a wall properly and securely. Doing it yourself can be time-consuming, require equipment and tools you may not have on hand, and result in damage to walls and the device itself. 

Flat screens, while streamlined, can weigh anywhere from a few pounds to an awkward 50+ depending on size and type. If you’re intent is to mount them on a wall then it’s important your expensive device is secure and that the structure is mounted to can support the weight.

We offer the following TV Mounting Services:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • TV Wall Mount Installation
  • Soundbar/Speaker Installation
  • Concealing Wires or Cables
  • Unpacking equipment
  • Bracket/Support installation
  • Moving existing mounts to another location
  • Moving outlets up & behind equipment
  • Installing new outlets
  • Running coaxial, HDMI and other cables and wires through a wall or conduit
  • Clean-up
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