Exterior and Interior Doors

Want to replace your exterior doors to update the look of your house? Need to repair a broken door?

Best Handyman Boston is here to help. We’ll repair or replace any door you can throw at us, including, including screen doors, sliding glass doors, closet doors, French doors and storm doors.

When should I replace exterior doors?

Doors last a long time—up to thirty years—but they can still take unexpected damage. You might need to replace yours if:

  • You’re having trouble opening or closing your doors. Keep in mind this could be a sign of foundation problems, too. Look at the door to see if it’s warped in some way.
  • Your door has dents all over it. You can live with this problem, but it’s not attractive. If you’re trying to sell your home, fixing your exterior door could improve your curb appeal.
  • You’re concerned about security. There are a wide variety of residential security doors on the market, including bullet resistant doors, as well as doors and frames that are harder to kick open. We are happy to help you install them.
  • You have glass panes on your doors and you’re spotting moisture between the panes. This can cause the wooden parts of your door to develop mold.
  • There’s a large gap between the bottom of your door and the floor. Your door should fit snugly and avoid drafts which could raise your energy costs.
  • You see visible water damage.
  • You see visible damage from insects.

You should also replace your door if you happen to hate it! You don’t have to live with doors that don’t reflect your personality and sense of style.

Why replace interior doors?

If you’re talking about bedroom and bathroom doors, the answer is simple: new doors can contribute to your interior decorating. Doors go in and out of style like any other home element. Replacing them also spares you the hassle of painting them.

Interior door repair is more than decorative, though: as your house settles your old doors might not fit well anymore. If you struggle to open and close interior doors that could be the source of the problem.

They also take damage like any other type of door, which means sometimes they need to be replaced for many of the same reasons an exterior door needs to be replaced.

If you’re talking about closet doors you may consider replacing them if they fall off their tracks a lot, or are otherwise driving you crazy.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help. Our professional team will have your doors in top shape in no time.

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