Drywall Patching and Plastering

It’s easy to put a big, unsightly hole in your drywall. Don’t settle for a repair job that leaves you with an obvious patch. With our help, your drywall can look as good as new.

When you call us out to your home, we will:

  • Prepare the damaged area for repair.
  • Patch or replace the missing plaster or drywall.
  • Ensure the repair is smooth and seamless.
  • Paint over the repair.

We can also replace entire panels of drywall when it becomes necessary.

Got a historic home?

If you have a historic home you have even more reasons to call us. Restoring historic plaster walls requires a master craftsman to avoid damaging the historical integrity of the home. Many drywall contractors will just opt to remove the plaster entirely, replacing it with modern drywall, irrevocably destroying some of the home’s historic character. While this is sometimes necessary when the plaster is badly damaged, it can be saved in many cases.

Even then, you might want to work with a handyman who can rebuild plaster walls so you recover at least a little of the home’s unique character. After all, if you’d wanted a modern aesthetic you’d have moved into a newer home. National Park briefs on how to preserve historic homes strongly recommend retaining and repairing plaster wherever possible, comparing it to a “family album:” history locked into the very walls.

They go on to note that it’s stronger and more durable than modern drywall, that it resists fire, and that it offers a quieter home, since it’s a good buffer against sound.

Even those who are willing to try to keep the plaster often apply it incorrectly, causing structural problems, improper curing, or moisture issues. You’ll never know until you start seeing the cracks, or evidence of water damage.

We’ve helped restore dozens of historic homes across the Boston area and know how to treat them, both inside and out.

It doesn’t matter whether your home is old or new: we’re committed to choosing the right tools and techniques for the job, and getting it done right the first time. Don’t trust your walls to just anybody. Reach out to the team with 20 years of combined experienced in home improvement and renovation.

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