Door and Window Trim

Want to replace your standard door and window trim with a more elegant, sturdy, craftsman trim? We offer a cost-effective solution. We also offer door and window trim repairs if you have rotted or damaged trim.

What’s the difference between standard trim and craftsman trim?

  1. Standard trim may only include a window sill. The traditional style adds surrounding trim.
  2. Standard door trim may consist of little more than the frame, whereas the craftsman trim offers a thicker, more distinct, more decorative trim.
  3. Craftsman trim gives your whole home a “finished” look.

The colors and styles you choose for your trims can give your home a lot more personality. We offer a variety of options, including:

  • Classical Colonial
  • Classical Craftsman
  • Greek Revival
  • Colonial Revival
  • Cambridge
  • Picture Frame

Craftsman trim is a great, low-cost project to take on if you want to make your home more beautiful. It’s also a good way to get your home ready to sell, since it will increase your home’s visual appeal by leaps and bounds. It will make your home look more valuable, which might help it command a higher price.

Give your home the “finished” look.

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