Diaper Changing Station Installation

Dads across the nation have been calling for changing stations in men’s rooms. As of this writing, the state senate is considering a proposed bill which would require “all new or substantially renovated buildings which are reasonably expected to be open to the public shall be charged with providing safe and equally accessible changing tables in bathrooms, regardless of gender.”

Of course, some businesses don’t even have changing tables in the women’s room yet.

Even if this bill doesn’t become law, installing changing tables in both bathrooms is within your best interests. For one thing, it helps to demonstrate you’re running a caring, forward-thinking business who anticipates the needs of all of your customers.

For another, it just makes good economic sense.

Helping your business thrive means making it accessible to people from all walks of life, including men and women with children. Refusing to offer equal changing stations…or any changing stations at all…could mean chasing off a whole lot of customers who would otherwise be happy to spend their money and time at your establishment.

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