Chalk and Marker Boards

This service is now offered exclusively to our Best Handyman Plan clients

Chalk and marker boards are great ways to keep your family organized. Hanging them isn’t always so great. They list to the side, fall off of walls, and occasionally even damage the drywall by taking hanging hardware right along with them.

Why suffer through the hassle? Call Best Handyman Boston to get all of your chalk and marker boards hung just as you like them. They’ll be straight, professional-looking, and ready for use.

Why hire Best Handyman Boston to hang your chalk and marker boards?

This may seem like a simple task that anyone can do, but there are real advantages to hiring a pro.

  1. You’ll know your boards are supported by your studs. Cheap stud finders are often inaccurate.
  2. You can be sure you’re taking advantage of your studs properly.
  3. You will be sure you’re using the proper hanging hardware in the proper way.
  4. You won’t have to spend a long time trying to decide if the board is crooked or not.
  5. No aching arms from holding the board in exactly the right place.
  6. No redos where you hammer or drill a hole only to discover you’ve put it in exactly the wrong place to hang your whiteboard.
  7. No lasting damage to your drywall.

Hiring Best Handyman Boston to hang these items for you means never having to deal with a sudden crash when you’re trying to write out your grocery list, meal plans, or important family dates.

It’s also one less task off of your plate, something that makes your home more functional without forcing you to add another item to your To Do or Honey Do list.

Spend your time doing something else.

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