Best Handyman Plan


Let’s be honest, who can you refer your clients to anymore?

We want to eliminate those worries and be the company you can count on. This new service we have developed is going to save time, money and your client's peace of mind.

We even developed a FREE app (iOS and Android) you or your clients can utilize for even faster service!

Give them as a gift with that new home!


  • Are your clients new to the neighborhood and looking for a company that can handle all of their homes needs?
  • Do you have clients that you care about and wish you had a reliable handyman you could refer them to? No more worrying about electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, etc.
  • Does your client have a home inspection report that requires repairs?

Give them an annual subscription to the Best Handyman Plan:

  • Direct access to our team with one message whether its a question or request
  • Our 15-Point Home Evaluation and report to make sure your property has a plan moving forward
  • A private client portal to view all of their records, invoices, and requests
  • 8 FREE hours (1 full day) to use any time or towards your home inspection repairs.

Here's what it costs

Cost Breakdown

8 Free hours @$70.00 (8hrs*$70/hr) = $560.00
1 Home Evaluation & Report = $749.00
Access to team & client portal = $250.00

TOTAL COST = $1,559.00

YOUR COST= $1,399.00 ($200.00 savings)

Get Your Estimate In 24-48 Hours